Casting for Olivia


Casting for Olivia Video 16:30min, 2x c-prints 80cm x 100cm archival images, 3d model

My fascination of glass material and the contemporary problems of factories and workshops’ at the glass making island Murano brought to me to questioning the mechanism of glass production.   In the other end of the Lagoon, at Museum of Zoology at Chioggia during first trip of Laboratorio I approached a natural sizes model of squalo elefante (elephant’s shark). The model supposed to remind the visitors about the fragility of the species and the need of preserving the marine. 
 The project’s aim is to produce the model of squalo elefenate of natural sizes in Venetian technic of Murano glass. During three months of Laboratorio classes I was carrying out interviews with Murano glass experts, designers, factory and gallery owners, glass masters and artists in order to find out if such a model of squalo elefante could be manufactured at Murano and how would be the procedure to finalise it like. 
 The video essay takes a form of mockumentary. Bringing together the aspects of fragility of the glass material and the fragility of species of squalo elefante, which was cought at Chioggia  in year 2003 and rebuilt as a model, I followed in satirical way the possible procedure of production steps of giant glass sculpture. Underneath my purpose of model reproduction in real size was as well an analyse of the glass art market of Murano and its actors - within a glass master, artist, teacher, designer, factory owner or art distributor. The interviews touch the questions about the production procedures, collaborations with galleries, authorship, possibilities of sale market and problems of production the glass for tourism.  For the final project installation at the Museo di Zoologia there were video screening and the exposition of the archival images concerning the squalo elefante cought in 2003 at Chioggia and 3D model visualising the possible glass sculpture. 

Thanks: Laboratorio IUAV Venezia : Agnes Kohlmeyer, Francesco Nordio

Museo Zoologica di Chioggia : Nicole Chimento

poster: Elisa Calore

3d Model: Magdalena Stateva