The Walk


The walk a collective exhibition 2015

On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the restored historical building of the Reale Osservatorio Vesuviano. My work consist of video footage and installation of burned photographs. The video combines the found footage of erupti- on news report overlaid by the documentation of burning the photographic images. The reference of the work are the buried artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Among those was library of papyrus scrolls, which was discovered in Villa of the Papyri in 1754. The scrolls were rolled up and had been baked by 320 degree volcanic gas into carbonized briquettes. Through working with the medium of photography I surrender my photographs, which were made during the collective walk in March 2015, the destructive process of heating. The symbolic act of heating intervene not only to the image but also it ch- anges the form and materiality of the medium. Images breaks, darken, roll on and shrinks revealing its fragility. Photographic images showed nature and the scenes found of the streets of Terzigno. The time is put on hold in the photogra- phs, in the commune of ‚the red zone‘ at the slopes of Vesuvius, of the place which is waiting for its destiny.

Installation view, Osservatori Vesuviano