Karolina Sobel

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South Africa has gone from the symbol of white opulence
into democracy and era of postcolonialism. During Apartheid times, when there were exclusion and separateness, the power and status of human being was decided by race. That time the country was ruled by white minority. According to the rulers divided country created better opportunities for all citizens. The future of inhabitants and prosperity of the communities were excellent unless you were black. Every African was allocated to one of nine different tribes, each with a designated tribal authority situated in its homeland. Those black people who worked in cities were living outside in townships.
The Ponte Tower is icon of the architecture of Johannesburg and it reflects country’s history. Thefifty four floor building was originally built as any building in Johannesburg for the white privileged race since 1975. It was an icon of exuberance, wealth and decadence, however with time it became the symbol of decay and crime . Along with uprisings in Soweto, economy crash and process of suburbanisation which resulted in moving out to suburbs by the white and opposite, in settling down of the black in the centre. The districts were devastated and became a scene of criminal offences.
In the short film «Gravity» stands the blind Musician in foyer of Ponte Tower and sings a song in Venda language. The Musician performs without audience as like one of the survivor of catastrophe or as like a visionary prophet. His connection with the past seems very fluid , the line between fact and myth of the trauma vanishes.