During a one week long residency on the Greek island of Hydra , jointly offered by Heike Schuppelius and Omer Fast with cooperation with the Athens School of Fine Arts, workshop focused on this small island, its sites and institutions, as a microcosm for examining larger issues: myth-making, disappearance, tourism and migration. An informal exhibition on the site marked the end of the residency. Being invited to propose a new work in collaboration with greek artists my project concentrated on spaces at the port which are public accessible (shops, taverns, hairdresser, cafes, bank, bookmaker). Every of those space uses screens for different reasons, some shows the tv programme the other survillience of own space. Our intervention consisted in bringing on the screen the view from the opposite part of the island. The view seems generic and creates contrast to the original use of the different screens. It raises the question of the function of the context for images and use of the imaginary in general terms of representation.